Benefits of membership in the North Shore Harmonizers


Member benefits:
  1. A NSH tee shirt with logo
  2. A folder with music of the current repertoire and previous songs
  3. Costumes, jewelry, accessories and make-up used during performances
  4. A supply of attractive membership cards with the NSH logo

You will gain:
  • Pride of accomplishment - in performing for others
  • Praise - by those you sing with and sing to
  • Self-confidence - as you perform the music better and better
  • Friendship - of the members in the chorus

You will do things that:
  • Express your personality - as you study and perform different types of music
  • Satisfy your curiosity - as you learn what the Barbershop Style of singing is all about.

You will belong:
To a group that has entertained for countless groups and functions on the North Shore for over 50 years.


You will have: The opportunity to join our Board of Directors, participating in activities that affect the chorus.

Health benefits of becoming a singer include:
  • Lung development and strengthening
  • Back strengthening and posture correction
  • Neurological improvement
  • Oxygen to the blood system and brain
  • Increased concentration
  • Energetic and euphoric uplift
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Improved vocabulary and grammar
  • Improved memory